Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm trying this out- 

Day 1: 
Write 10 potential book titles of books you’d like to write.

1. Storming Heaven/Heavens' War (Earthbound/MBDSO)
Based on my old Big Damn  Space Opera, abducted humans forced to fight in an interstellar war.

2. My Star Port Romance
Story of the creation of a system of Star Ports based in part on the US Postal Service, the international port system and Admiralty Law. Yes, an odd bird...

3. Rings And Things/Galactic Zoo
Mass abductions, this time grand theft of strips of terrestrial real estate. Someone is sampling the Earth on a vast scale...

4. Covenant of Stars
My 2nd Big Damn Space Opera, killer apes vs. river dragons. They make peace despite themselves, in favor of mutually assured survival.

5. Star-Crossed Woman
This would be the story of Captain Hannah Clinkenbeard, Captain Cee, whom the dragons call the Teacher.

6. Wednesday's Treasure/Universe
Third SO, humans got stepped on by three big bad guy races, and survived by running and hiding and plotting for seven hundred years. Better survivors and better diplomats, too. Less Killer Angel, more Rising Ape.

7. Knock,Knock
A couple of clever kids discover how to open doors between habitable worlds, get trapped on the homeworld of a dead precursor race on the edge of the living city which remains...

8. Starship One/Big Blue Sky
1st starship, or ships, prepare to go out into the deep black. Heroes and dreamers and dreaming heroes!

9. There's A Dragon In It
I wrote part of a fantasy novel, one year for NaNoWriMo, called Unknown Fantasy Kingdom.

10. Bright Mountain Blues
On a partially terraformed hell-world, the land is very angry and has raised up an army of demons.


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