Thursday, January 22, 2015

Seven Dozen Eggs
(not sure where this one came form or is going...)
The grocery clerk watched the boy and the girl closely. He'd been having a lot of trouble with teenagers lately, but these two were behaving themselves, and that only made him suspicious.

He was that kind of man.

The two finished collecting items and brought their purchases to the register, setting them carefully on the counter.

"Seven dozen eggs!"
"Yes, sir." 

"Boy, watcha need seven dozen eggs for?" 

"He thinks we're buying all these eggs for mischief," the girl muttered. 

"Well, are you?" 

"No," the girl answered tightly. 

"I was asking you, boy." 

"My name's not 'boy'. It's Jared, sir. What's yours?" 

"Mr. Douglas to you, boy. And you still didn't answer my question." 

"Mr. Douglas, my friend and I have to bake cookies for the Gaming Club Bake Sale." 

"Couldn't find enough girls to do that for you, Jared?" 

Again, tightly, the girl answered for Jared. "I can't cook or bake. My mom… never… Jared is a great baker and I'm his assistant."

"Your girlfriend do most of your talking, does she?" 

Almost together, Jared said, "She's not my girlfriend!" and she said "He's not my boyfriend!" 

"My mistake," the man said hastily. "Tell you what, to make amends, I'll give you a discount on the eggs and flour and such. How about ten percent." 

"How about fifty?" the girl sent right back. 

"You will go places- maybe to jail, maybe to a bigger house than the big house," the man said grudgingly. "Twenty-five percent off. Take it or don't." 

"We'll take it!" Jared said quickly, and the girl nodded.

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