Monday, May 16, 2011

5th Part of 73

Do something with '73' (5th part of 73)!

            A Billig Tower (Defeating the Son of Andrew, Leon O. Billig, Analog SF, 1994 is a terraforming machine; it specifically controls one aspect of the environment, humidity, by dehumidifying warm, moist air in tropical and subtropical regions. The hotter and wetter, the better it works, because what it does is force air up a chimney to create an artificial tropical storm. Rising hot wet air expands and cools, meanwhile still being warmer than the surrounding air, so it continues to rise. The carrying capacity of the air goes down as it gets cooler and the relative humidity rises until it reaches 100%, at which point it precipitates. Warm, moist air @30 C and 90% RH has ~29 grams of water per kilogram of air, ~35 g/m^3, at 1.2 kg/m^3. Lower the temperature 20 degrees to 10 C and 100% RH air can carry about 10 g/m^3, 25 g less...
            A 6 meter diameter demonstration tower, pulling in air at 5 m/s, would be 141 m^3/s, 3.5 kg or just under a gallon of water per second. Even at 50% wastage, that's about 40,000 gallons per day, more than 14 million per year. It dehumidifies over 12 million cubic meters per day; reduces the humidity of a cubic kilometer of air by 1.2%. That might even be enough to have a noticeable effect on local weather...
m in diameter
kg H2O/s

            Falling water also can be used to generate power...
            The 5th part is the rich world-saving father's dehumidifier, to provide seed money for the solar power bubbles. Run into a snag with the Environmental Impact Study, the EPA-Circus...
            Beamed power, birds falling from the sky, are microwaves as safe as the team says they are? (Research this)

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