Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Guys and a Solar Power Bubble...

(The 4th Part of 73!)

 What I had in mind for the plot hook/story idea segment of this is a little hackneyed; I recognized a little Spider Man and a little bit of every other 'Two Geeks Save The World' plot I've ever seen, and you know? That's okay.

But I'm gonna make the two guys into two science geek girls, so there! 8-P And then, well... they have a freind who's a bit of a trustifarian, and his/her dad is the rip-off from Spider Man I and II; the business/ scientist and the guy who becomes Doc Octopus. The Trustifarian is a play-boy/party-girl a lot like 'That-Idiot-Ivan' from the Vorkosiverse; always dodging responsibility, hiding a decent brain...

The old man is every noble scientist/innovator/entreprenuer cliche in the entire book. I'll need to tone that down, but he is a follower of Buckminster Fuller and the Wizard of Omaha (did I get that ref right? 8-). A big heart, too much so, and various reasons why he and his kid are living the hedgehog's dilemna. Sigh. I need to put them in threat at some point, do the bonding thing...

The Old Man wants to dehumidify the Gulf of Mexico and kill hurricanes; and pay for it by selling water to thirsty cities. Man, do I find some crazy stuff! The SPB interests him and he wants them working for his company.

Yeah, needs lots of work, and sounds just like I've been watching old 1930's movies, but with big science/big engineering ideas!

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