Saturday, October 22, 2011

5th Post of October

I haven't gotten anywhere with the 'rocket man thing', but I'm sure I'll come back to it... I never abandon anything forever!

Busy mocking myself-
Once upon a time there was a brave little DWW-2BI-240 (drawer warmer, wide, single built-in, 240 volts). He and his brother and sister were installed in a YUL and sent out into the big cold world to keep some buns, or some spuds, warm. They had many adventures in the big kitchen and made many friends while the chefs and the prep cooks, the wait staff and the bus-persons, went on about their work, oblivious...

I used to use a random creativity tool on My Journal, but I haven't in a while. You know, write for 15 minutes about a tree, without using color, or write a poem with repition, that sort of thing. I should put something together- 'Describe the surface of a truly alien world, with life not as we know it!'

The 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet is 'Chi', pronounced 'kai', and the 22nd letter of the modern alphabet is (sings it in his head- op, qrs, tuv, w is 23rd) V, for Vince. Victory, or Vick Victim, Valiant, Violence, Vapid as in the fool across from me with Tourettes, here at Newark Free Library, Volume, Voluptuous...

Sequel to 'People Watching'-

There was a bang and the ship lurched, tilted just slightly, maybe five or ten degrees. The group was all on their feet, all of them, including Melody, who looked around with a curious look on her face, but open, unafraid. Hannah and Tori took this in and shared a look. Hannah indicated the door to the lounge and took her sisters' hand, while Jules barked order, low and urgent.

"Heibai, Tori, check the corridor. Hannah, good, hang onto her tight. We're headed back to the cabin and Meng." Meng the water dragon, left locked safely in, away from any of a number of persons who would like to have done him harm. Jules regretted leaving him alone, now.

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