Sunday, September 4, 2011


I've been reading Bulldogs! on my Nook, and I really like the system. It's FATE, but a much less crunchy version than Spirit of the Century or Dresden Files. I'd love to run a game where I can sit down with a half dozen friends and world-build a fantasy setting, which is one thing I dodn't think we can do with DFRPG, unless we defocus the Urban Fantasy tropes... Gah!

Off the cuff SFnal goodness, here we come!

)Just add players... 8-(

The PCs are the crew of a down-on-it's-luck tramp merchant (sounds familiar! 8-), but working for The Man, TransGalactic, and under the thumb of a tyrranical, loser NPC captain... (sorry Fillian!) But Trans-G doesn't expect much and is more than happy to turn a blind eye on profitable side-ventures, so Trouble- I mean, Adventure Awaits!

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