Monday, September 12, 2011

Put Away the GM's Shield

Put Away the GM's Shield
By Vincent L. Cleaver

I think that I'm done with GMing for a while, and will hang up my shield.
I'd like to play a friendly neighborhood werewolf, and roam far afield,
With 'Billy and The Alphas' I'd patrol the streets of that toddlin' town,
Defending the weak and clueless, stopping bad guys wherever found...

Or be like Mike, Carpenter, that is; God bless him and all of his!
I'd urge Sergeant Murphy to take up the sword, there ain't no Wiz 8-(
But she could not abandon her city so easily, nor go far, far,
And neither, I think, could I  finally run crunchy ol' D-F-R!

Per-maybe-haps I could do captain-y things, on some rusty old death trap.
With plenty of trouble and a cute little mechanic (I'll be taking a pleasant nap 8-),
But I would not break my heart in Serenity Valley, no, not ever again,
And lately the Cortex system has somewhat lost its charm, my friend.

What is that, you say? Meddling kids and a talking dog, too?
Why not, you suggest, be running 'Scooby Doo of Cthulhu'?
It all sounds like a fun little evening for four to six,
But, alas, I seem to have mislaid my case files; nix, nix...

It is a thing, a tired and selfish thing, but there it is, let it suffice.
Somebody else can sit at the head of the table, roll the dice,
And run a game that's not about beating up on the green races.
That lets the players back in the peoples' and the gods' good graces.
One which sets out to save the world, all the worlds, or maybe just Tea!
Something weird, something wonderful, something... y'know, for me?

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