Sunday, June 19, 2011

5K of 50,000 Words... Sigh!

Why do I keep doing this to myself? 8-P

The Wednesdays should rest easy, I have no doubt that I'm gonna tell their story, especially after I threw everything in that I love, from old movies to SF, heart and blood, carbon and steel... I had a 'Buck Rogers' character from ACAD that I'm going to retread as a sleeper who awakes in the 29th Century (yeah he's four centuries late for the 25th C, but trust me, he definitely wanted to skip The Hiding).

Just about the most obvious thing is that I've got a romantic plot lined up between the 'Old Man' and the historian, but I can at least try to be subtle... yeah, right! Val and Diana, Susan and Louis, Junior and Sally; maybe I shouldn't. But I expect I will.

I'm trying for different types of characters, the family constellation thing. Daughters-in-law are contrasted with Mom, with Sally being the least like the Captain, and Diana being, uh, more of a free agent, yeah... I'm liking Diana a lot, but I'm little concerned that I'm writing a Cylon-Babe, what my Buddy Pete said about the female Cylons being fantasy women. We'll see. The Doc is in, and she can handle herself in a fight, too.

More troubling is painting Barbara in a corner, or puting her in a Kaylee-shaped box (sparkly, 'Kaylee's Box' 8-). And Val is too much of a Ranger, can't seem to get away from that sort of thing- not a bad thing?

Junior is the least sympathetic and most one-dimensional, so I'm going to make him 'pop' at some point, round, surprising, father/mother authority figure redeemed and reaffirmed. I've been thinking about Birth Order and family Constellations as a suggestion only, not the rule. Especially things like two twins, who attempt to establish their seperate identities. Do twins who try to match, identically, do so because there is some external 'push' to do so, or closeness?

Two babies of the family, Barbara and her nephew Davie, who identify w/ each other strongly, but are different. And of course, families have a personality of their own, as well. Heavily influences BWT; my current Anime 'find' of the year, may be as 'classic' as 'Casablanca' or The Bride! 8-P

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