Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wednesday's Universe

"Papa, tell me a story."
Barbara Kelly Wednesday is "a... Librarian!" Think Rachel Weis from 'The Mummy', or a little bit Adele Murphy from the RCN-verse- not the despairing Adele, quick with a pistol, but the data witch. Her day-job is IT and Data Security, but her love is stories, writing. She has written three published novels, all semi-historical action adventure pieces that are somewhere between Tom Clancy Techno-porn and Peter O'Donnell capers, plus dozens of stories and novellas, fanfic written centuries after the series that they are based on were long gone (except in her archives!), and non-fiction books on 2-D media, ancient information storage devices and protocols, and a history of the Space-Born.
Valentine Saint Wednesday (Number Two) is the kind of guy who fights the established order out of habit, but supports it, even so. Who fights monsters and saves worlds because he can and it's the only job worth doing.
'Junior',  Louis Armstrong Wednesday IV (Number One) is his older twin brother. Responsible, sensible, with a good job, married, three kids. Each brother is everything that the other one is not.
Louis Armstrong Wednesday III
Susan Kelly-Wednesday
Doctor Diana Peterson

The doubletalk stardrive is from an unfinished story, 'The Not Knowing'; this is set centuries after humanity has won the right to exist!

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