Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another bit of 'BWT'

"There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays..." Barbara sang.
"And every one of them are right!" her brother Val responded. "Are we writing poetry today?" He flopped in a big old comfortable hammock slung in one corner of her bunkroom and office.
"Kip-pull-ling, at any rate... I'm stuck, I'm bored, and neither the data nor the information make any kind of sense," she complained.
"Alright, so the data and the info aren't quite the same thing, but still, what did they ever do to you?" Diana asked, breaking into the conversation. She stole a kiss from Val, and between them passed, wordlessly, a question. She evidently liked the answer and joined him in the hammock.
"Uh, get a room? Working here-" They stuck their tongues out at her. "Now that's just childish... Uh, the data is corrupted and suspect. The information, in this case, is hearsay, so, not really data or 'info', per se."
"I can understand, as a Historian and an Archivist, why you don't like all that, but, really, it's over seven hundred years old; what did you expect?"
Barbara shrugged. "The corrupted data was recovered from the Bigbees, a Leviathin that the Shadow Fleet took down fifty-some years after Aurora. I blame our people for the corruption; whoever was collecting intel should have been more diligent-"
"There was a war going on," Val pointed out.
Val and Diana looked at each other and laughed. Then they settled back again, spooned in the hammock, gently swinging. Diana closed her eyes and relaxed.
"So what was the hearsay?" Val asked.
"Legend, myth, that's all. Just that the Auroran Sky Guard rescued some insectoid aliens, before Aurora was attacked."
"Why haven't I ever heard of this?" Diana asked, opening her eyes again and half sitting up.
"Things were very chaotic, back then. The first offensive hit one other outworld on the way in from Aurora to Sol, but the Bigbees were all over us before we really even knew what was happening. We didn't take any living prisoners right away because they had all the advantages, and, well, a lot of people were just plain in a killing mood. Probably the reason they're the 'Big Bad', Bigbee, Aliens, and not the Bugs; we didn't know much about the enemy at first. Didn't even know what they looked like, on the 'Nineteenth of Nevermore'."

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