Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ruminations and Recriminations

They are really going to phase out the shuttle... it has turned out to be a costly sidetrack, forcing us to endlessly circle the Earth instead of trying for the Near Earth Asteroids. I still feel like a childhood pet has died...
The shuttle was never what it was advertised to be. We will have spaceplanes, and 'space trucks', but the shuttle was a magnificent kludge, a billion-dollar a launch flying-brick. Smaller, cheaper and more frequent launches would have brought us so much further than we have come in my lifetime. Scoff, in this age of apps and robots, of smaller, more sustainable dreams. We've thrown away a generation of development, when we could now be so much closer to developing the wealth of the solar system; to moving all the dirty, high-density energy sectors of our global economy off of the planet and out of our lifesystem.
Instead of habitats, cities on the Moon, we have New Trek, Syfy, and, all too briefly, Firefly.
Mom and I went to Jo Ann Fabs for their Firefly sale... yeah, do I even have to say anything? 8-P
We went to dinner at the Chinese Buffet, JAF and a gift card. All more than I can do for Dad, this Dad's Day WE; just mow the grass and take him to brunch on Sunday, if he's feeling up to it. He's doing better, but...
He won't go to the movies with me these past past few years, can't sit still through a movie, and despite the couches by the ramp at Evil People's, but I got 'The Kings' Speech' and he may watch it. 'Fiddler on the Roof' will be brought out and put in the DVD player; we're Scots-Irish, red-neck, NASCAR-types, but the problems of a little-big man who talks to God and loves his wife and family, even though they drive him crazy and vice versa- he likes that one, and so do I!
I told Mom about the baby bunny and he's up as my laptop BG for now- cute beat out sexy Revy in merely one day, all power and glory to the Cuteness... (now it's the yawning tiger cub! 8-)
I had an idea or two while camped out in the sewing machines, looking over the $400 Singers and Joss knows how pricey Husqvarnas- a survivor who misses his Husqie Viking Designer Diamond or Sapphire. Too heavy to lug around in the Z-pocalypse... but certain 'Home-Economics' skills will come back into demand after a bit. Threading a needle, making cloth and paper...
Also, a bit of fanfic about Kaylee's Mama and the teddy bear on her cover-alls. Was that a gift, or did Kaylee use skills learned from her mother (the assumption, for me, has always been that she learned her ships from her Daddy, but what if I'm totally wrong, or we had a role-reversal?).
Daddies' Day- a Firefly fanfic
I'm roughing out 'The Adventure of the Day-Glow Orange Cattle', which belongs in BWT.

I wish I'd known about the 1KyrGD challenge sooner! It's all about the next classic game, like chess or poker, a game that people will still be playing a thousand years from now...
Write about the games they play on starships during 'The Hiding', and the new/old ones they play on the worlds of the Human Expansion- Baseball, Basketball, Soccer/Football.
Disaster, Bad Stars; Dawn-Hunters is an open-ended variation on Diplomacy, in which the two or more players are starfaring species attempting to expand into a wrap-around volume of space one hundred light years across with thirty thousand stars. Strategic resource management God-games, like secret colony.
Hidden Colonies teaches strategy and resource management during The Hiding.

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