Thursday, April 14, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

(I wrote this a couple of Christmas' back... and I still feel this way, of course! 8-)

What I want for Christmas...Y'know?
I suppose I should be sappy.
Ask for Goodwill; Peace on Earth, too.
But, see, I don't believe in happy, happy.
My pick is something more practical,
To enjoy to the music of the spheres.
All I want for Christmas?
A starship and a crew, the dears.

Serenity, for choice; Malcolm Reynolds,
Zoe, Jayne and all the rest,
But picky, or Joss, I'm not;
So a bird of prey might be best.
Then again, perhaps I'll liberate
A Free Stars Frigate, or two.
Those poor spacers, they wouldn't mind,
That the Protector was short, a few.
If the universe is kind, mind,
And Lt. Leary Commanding,
Then we'll cross the multi-verse, together,
Righting wrongs, outstanding.

Sure, I am a silly fat man,
Of two score and naught
But silly dreams to show,
How I loved the ships that fought.
Give me now, an argosy of light,
And would I for truth, honor- Oh!
The glory of mother Earth, herself,
Elsewhere, elsewhere, boldly Go!

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