Saturday, April 2, 2011

A is for Apples... w/o Grenades!

I know, you're groaning, but apples have 'special' meaning to a Browncoat. Specifically, the apples which Jayne Cobb buys for the crew, the ones without grenades, coz that'd be extra... And, partway through that scene, the one with the apples, River and Kaylee come running in, rough-housing over the stolen apple (I'll be in my bunk!) and Kaylee intones, 'No power in the 'Verse can stop me...'

Apples. All the power of plot. Cute girl mechanics and genius, damaged little sisters!

Firefly is what got me started writing, you know, for reals, as it were? Because I had to write some more of that story. Over ten thousand words of fanfic later, and one script-turned-story for Last Airbender, The Big Damn Animated Series, I'm writing trying to get published, in dead tree and elsewhere. I've written Zombie stories, but not Reaver stories, coz, sorry, Joss, I don't believe in Reavers... except when I'm watching an episode, or the BDM. I've also written flash fiction, all of it science fiction or alternate history, or Something Else- I'm still not exactly sure what 'Origami Love-Letter Duck' is...

What I love is Space Opera and Hard SF, but especially world-building- you know, the stuff that goes into the background, like Aliens and apples, the double-talk stardrive and the religion and economics, that sort of thing. It is my most favorite thing.

That and Apples!

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