Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Tribbles

Those terrible, adorables pests- David Gerrold wrote the screenplay for 'The Trouble With Tribbles'. He also wrote a three-book series about an 'Adam and Steve' family emigrating via space elevator. Novel take on starships, too...

Cute, Adorable, Beware!

Cute fuzzballs swing from the branches, roll on the forest floor.
Soft fur in pastel colors, they are a sight to adore!
Trilling or humming, singing right along with your tune,
But drop that alien life form right now, you loon!

By order of the captain, no stowaways or pets!
The spacer who ignores this, deserves what she gets.
Not for you get-rich-quick, money-making schemes.
Coz fuzzies are as dangerous as our Cap'n deems!

Cute adorable fuzzies, beware! A starship's just no place for you.
You end up in the works, grazing on wires and burning up, too!
Dirty, dusty, musty and damp, it's not for your kind.
So whenever we visit the planet of the Fuzzies, please, just stay behind!
Vincent L. Cleaver
(The author would like to assure the reader that no Tribbles, Hoka or Ewoks (well, maybe one or two) were hurt in the writing of this poem!)
Vince, who writes because he's a browncoat, and full of stories (Free the words!)

WORDS IN THE HEART CAN NOT BE TAKEN! -Feet of Clay, Terry Pratchett

'The paper burns, but the words fly free.' -Akiba Ben Joseph

I believe that words, at least the good words, can outlast stone. I am a fan of the good words, the speeches of men and women who have inspired nations and peoples. I read the bad words, the bad speeches that lead only down the wrong paths, as cautionary tales.

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