Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for Hate (and also Hope)

            Hate is one of those four letter words, like love, duty, or hope, which make life so very interesting. To paraphrase the song, 'Hate, what is it good for?', hate is a prime motivator, but so are love and duty, and so is hope. It is so very convenient that we hate our enemies, the mortal enemies who mean us no good at all, who probably want us dead... don't they? You can go around and around with that, the ape band splitting up into us versus them and then standing at the border, throwing s#!t at the other.
            Hate is pretty versatile- you can even hate hate, itself.
            Hope is harder; hope is belief and imagination, and doesn't tie in to adrenaline, like hate and fear, fight or flight. When you hope for a better tomorrow, you begin to imagine what that tomorrow is; begin to create it, in your own mind, begin to work towards it, in your actions. It is an active, positive emotion, not a reactive, negative one.

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