Thursday, April 14, 2011

M is for Music and Mathematics

            These two things have such an interesting relationship. That we human beings seemed to be designed to find patterns, the rhythm and the melody, and to make music, may be a divine proof; not of design, per-maybe-haps, but of happy accidents, and the possibility that we are the universe seeking to know itself. To make music, to sing and make a happy noise, or a sad, bittersweet one, is to be, to experience a moment very intensely, and commune with the rest of our tribe. Embarrassing, how good a sing-along can be...
            I wish that I had hung around for the bardic circle at Relaxicon this year. The last song is always 'Amazing Grace'. Always moving, even for an agnostic. It is a blessing to sing with your friends.

Some of my best friends are made of wood and strings,
Metal tubes, resonance chambers and things.
They move to the magic of numbers, elegant and terse,
And they move me to commune, be at one with the 'Verse.

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