Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Questions

            I'm all about the questions; for example 'what does it all mean?' When I don't know where I'm going with story, I'll ask myself the reporter's W's- Who, what, where, when, why and how (the last ends in a 'W', that counts! 8-)? Who is this guy? What is is doing here? When and where does all this take place? Why is it happening now, and how? Even when I start with a snatch of dialogue, like I did with 'Lifeboat Captains', especially when that's all I really have, I ask the questions!
            Who am I, in the dark? What am I supposed to be doing here? Where do I come from and when was I born? Why am I here? How do I live a good life?
            The sky is blue because it scatters light that way, showing us more blue than red. Sunlight is warm because radiant heat is being absorbed by our skin. Evaporating sweat absorbs heat and cools our bodies. These are a few answers to some of the mysteries, the sort of thing we have because we are building on what other people have done, and so on down the line to the future, but I don't presume to believe we will ever know all the answers; and besides, that'd be boring!
            There are mysteries, questions that probably won't ever have answers that can be proven, things that we will have to work out on our own, such as the fact, to paraphrase Sartre ( Black Lagoon got me hooked on Existentionalism!) we are doomed to be free, and seek our own meaning because-
            A) There is no meaning and looking for patterns is a trick that evolution has played on uppity apes.
            B) God hates us and delights in our confusion, pain and suffering.
            C) God loves us and wants us to be free, and made us so that we can be free and happy. We are the way we are, imperfect, but God doesn't make junk. We are intended to be 'works in progress'.

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